Wednesday, February 26, 2014
12:00 Noon
C.K. Newsome Community Center Room 118 A & B
100 E. Walnut Street


The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of the Evansville Parks Foundation, Inc., was called to order by President, Pam Hight.

Members Present: Scott Albertson, Jeff Duncan, Gail Dunn, Tammy Evans, Pam Hight, Ashley McReynolds, Laurel Meny, Jim Michels, Larry Miller, Rick Pace, Rhett Schreiber, Tina Spears, Craig Titzer, Jill Trautvetter
Absent With Notice: Dan Berry, Jeanie Brubeck, Patti Hurley, Jim Keck, Natalie Klump, Lauren Piekos, Jim Schmidt
Absent Without Notice: Liz Miller, Linda Sartore
Proxies: Dan Berry, Lauren Piekos – Pam Hight, Jeanie Brubeck – Ashley McReynolds, Jim Keck – Scott Albertson, Natalie Klump – Jill Trautvetter, Jim Schmidt – Tina Spears
Guests: Denise Johnson

Rick Pace moved to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Gail Dunn seconded.
Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – No Treasurer’s Report

President’s Report
Pam Hight stated the EOR Committee had been challenged by Vectren to increase attendance. She explained they had come up with the following ideas: Two different ticket price points – $35 without drink tickets and $50 with drink tickets. She explained drink tickets would be available for purchase. She explained the $35 ticket would help in reaching out to a younger age group. Tickets would be printed in two different colors to notify sellers and ticket takers if drink tickets should be given. Rick Pace moved to approve establish two price points. Jim Michels seconded.
Motion carried.
Mrs. Hight also explained another new idea was a Burger Cook Off. There would be a Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice categories. She explained typically people voted with money for the People’s Choice award. She stated Jennifer and Vernon Stevens had agreed to chair the event and had lots of experience with other Cook Off contests. She stated this would also open new sponsorship opportunities. The Cook Off would be held early in the evening probably on the sidewalk on Riverside Drive. Contestants would prepare 200 – 300 sliders for tasting, which could be prepared off-site, with the burger for the judges prepared on-site. She stated this could potentially help with food costs since it would be another food item for the event.
Rick Pace moved to approve hosting a Burger Cook Off. Jim Michels seconded.
Motion carried.

Executive Director’s Report
Jill Trautvetter, Executive Director, thanked Rhett Schreiber for getting the membership information on the website. She explained membership was a bit down this year. Last year a larger mass mailing had been done and didn’t increase membership enough to cover costs so this year the standard mailing to past members was used. She explained the next Evening on the River meeting was scheduled February 28, 12:00 noon at the Community Center. She also asked members if they had any ideas for the Welborn Foundation grant. She explained she had written grants the past two years; one for the handicapped accessible playground at Wesselman Park and another for the swimming lessons at Rochelle-Landers Pool and both had been turned down. She stated Welborn had indicated they were interested in funding organized programs. She asked members to notify her if they came up with ideas.

Fundraising Committees
Phyllis Schreiber Golf Invitational
Rhett Schreiber, Co-Chair, explained a meeting would be held Wednesday, March 5, 12:00 noon at Kitch & Schreiber. He stated the scramble would be held Thursday, May 8, at Fendrich Golf Course.
Evening on the River – No additional report

New Business
Tina Spears, Nominating Chair, presented a Board member application from Robert Morgan. She explained Mr. Morgan was a web developer at USI and was recommended by Jim Keck and Rhett Schreiber.
Craig Titzer moved to approve. Tammy Evans seconded.
Motion carried.
Denise Johnson, Department Executive Director, distributed information for FAVE, Fruits and Vegetables Evansville. She explained produce, taste testing and free recipes from USI community nutrition students would be available on Fridays, March 7 – April 25, at the Community Center from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. She also distributed information for Energize Evansville and explained the next event would be Water Aerobics at Lloyd pool. She explained two properties had been purchased last year across from Tepe Park. She stated they were currently working on purchasing a third. The plan was to open up at least one side adjacent to the park and install a spray park. Mrs. Johnson explained the City Council had denied the $1.5 M funding request for infrastructure for Roberts Park. She stated they were currently working on partnerships with the Rotary for the water feature at the park and Junior League for the playground. She stated there would be a constructed wetland located by the water holding area which would be a wonderful educational opportunity for USI, UE, Ivy Tech, the EVSC and the Master Gardener’s. Also included in the plan; restroom facilities for the destination playground and a meadow between the water feature and great lawn. The Dog Park would be located at the State Hospital. The pedestrian bridge had been funded and would be built in late 2014 or early 2015. She also stated the park would be included in the Department’s mowing rotation this year.

Old Business – No Old Business

Scott Albertson moved to adjourn. Tina Spears seconded.
Motion carried.