Wednesday, June 25, 2014
12:00 Noon
C.K. Newsome Community Center Room 118 A & B
100 E. Walnut Street


The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of the Evansville Parks Foundation, Inc., was called to order by 1st Vice President, Tina Spears.
Members Present: Jeanie Brubeck, Tammy Evans, Jim Keck, Ashley McReynolds, Laurel Meny, Lauren Piekos, Jim Schmidt, Tina Spears
Absent With Notice: Scott Albertson, Gail Dunn, Pam Hight, Patti Hurley, Jim Michels, Robert Morgan, Rick Pace, Rhett Schreiber, Jill Trautvetter
Absent Without Notice: Dan Berry, Jeffrey Duncan, Natalie Klump, Larry Miller, Craig Titzer
Proxies: Scott Albertson, Pam Hight – Jim Keck, Gall Dunn, Jim Michels – Tina Spears, Rhett Schreiber – Tammy Evans
Jim Schmidt moved to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Jim Keck seconded.
Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – No Treasurer’s Report
Robin Hayes, Executive Secretary, explained the National Realtors Association had donated $2,000 to the Tepe Spray Park project and requested it be held in a restricted account until the project was underway. Jim Keck moved to approve. Jeanie Brubeck seconded.
Motion carried.

President’s Report – No President’s Report

Executive Director’s Report
Mrs. Spears stated Jill Trautvetter, Executive Director, had provided the following report. A liquor basket can’t be included in the EOR auction without prior approval from the Excise Police. She also reminded members about the Fall Festival parking lot fundraiser October 6 – 11. She explained  this year the Foundation had WSNC Mini Park on the South side of Franklin Street. She stated additional volunteers would be needed due to the size of the park and suggested tapping other groups for help like youth groups, school athletic clubs, students needing service hours, etc.

Fundraising Committees

Evening on the River
Lauren Piekos suggested including that EOR was an over 21 event on the website. She explained she didn’t feel it was clear to ticket purchasers.

Old Business – No Old Business

New Business
Jim Keck suggested providing grants for the $1,500 tap-in fee for a water meter to groups interested in providing a community garden.

Jim Keck moved to adjourn. Tammy Evans seconded.
Motion carried.