Wednesday, March 26, 2014
C.K. Newsome Community Center Room 118 A & B
100 E. Walnut Street


The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of the Evansville Parks Foundation, Inc., was called to order by President, Pam Hight.
Members Present: Scott Albertson, Dan Berry, Jeanie Brubeck, Jeff Duncan, Pam Hight, Patti Hurley, Jim Keck, Natalie Klump, Ashley McReynolds, Laurel Meny, Robert Morgan, Jim Schmidt, Jill Trautvetter
Absent With Notice: Gail Dunn, Tammy Evans, Jim Michels, Larry Miller, Rick Pace, Lauren Piekos, Rhett Schreiber, Tina Spears
Absent Without Notice: Craig Titzer
Proxies: Gail Dunn – Pam Hight, Jim Michels, Rick Pace – Jim Keck, Larry Miller – Natalie Klump, Tina Spears – Jeff Duncan

Jim Keck moved to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Scott Albertson seconded.
Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Dan Berry, Treasurer, distributed copies of the Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position and Supplementary Schedule for January and February, 2014. Operating revenues for the period totaled $15,935.83 and operating expenses totaled $8,590.49.
Scott Albertson moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Patti Hurley seconded.
Motion carried.

President’s Report
Mrs. Hight explained Linda Sartore had resigned from the Board due to all her commitments this spring. She explained someone was needed to handle the Greenway investments for the EPF and she had asked Jim Keck, who serves on the Greenway Advisory Board, and he had agreed.

Executive Director’s Report
Jill Trautvetter, Executive Director, explained the Membership Drive had wrapped up for the year. She reminded members of the Evening on the River meeting on Friday and stated Vectren had committed to being the Presenting Sponsor again. She explained a few more workers were needed on the Committee and Mrs. Hight needed help with the food with the addition of the Burger Cook Off.

Fundraising Committees
Phyllis Schreiber Golf Invitational
Mrs. Hight explained the event was scheduled May 8, at Fendrich Golf Course. She stated members were asked to donate four like items for prizes.
Evening on the River
Mrs. Trautvetter explained they already had their first team, Ed Kasha and Jim Lefler, for the Best Burger in Evansville contest. She explained there would be two categories, Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice. The cash prizes for the Judge’s Choice would be $200, $125 and $75. Each team would be required to provide one burger for the Judge’s and 300 slider size burgers for the People’s Choice. They hoped to get 10 teams. Each team would receive four tickets. If they were additional people on the team they would need to purchase tickets. Printed materials for the event would be sent to Matt Wagner the following week. She explained Arc Construction was a new sponsor at the $12,500 level.

New Business
Mrs. Hight asked Robin Hayes, Executive Secretary, if she would like to explain the need for lounge chairs at the pools. Mrs. Hayes explained that after buying safety equipment for the season there was only enough funding to purchase 10 chairs. She stated she could use as many as funding allowed and had received a hugely discount price of $97 each from Recreonics Pool Equipment for the chairs. Natalie Klump moved to approve allocating $5,000 for the purchase of the chairs with $1,700 coming from the Ritzy Fantasy of Lights donation and $3,300 from the unrestricted account. Patti Hurley seconded.
Motion carried.

Old Business – No Old Business

Jim Keck moved to adjourn. Patti Hurley seconded.
Motion carried.