Thursday, May 15, 2014
5:15 pm
C.K. Newsome Community Center Snack Bar
100 E. Walnut Street


The Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Evansville Parks Foundation, Inc., was called to order by President, Pam Hight.

Members Present: Scott Albertson, Dan Berry, Jeff Duncan, Tammy Evans, Pam Hight, Jim Keck, Natalie Klump, Ashley McReynolds, Robert Morgan, Lauren Piekos, Tina Spears, Craig Titzer
Proxies: Rick Pace, Jill Trautvetter – Pam Hight

Mrs. Hight stated a few months ago the Park Maintenance staff was cleaning the waterslide at Hartke Pool for the season and the coating on the steel started coming off and underneath it there was rust. They then hired an engineer to determine if the waterslide was structurally sound. It was determined that it wasn’t and bids were solicited to repair it. The bids ranged from $69,500 – $115,000. The Park Board decided that it wasn’t cost effective to repair the structure as it was approximately 20 years old and the manufacturer had been out of business for several years so all parts needed had to be fabricated. A Special Meeting of the Park Board was scheduled for the following day to open quotes for the removal of the slide. There was $21,000 available in their CIP which would pay for the removal and hopefully there would be enough funding to pay for shade structures as had been originally earmarked. The Department was concerned about negative feedback on the absence of amenities and had researched other options available and had contacted Mrs. Hight on the possibility of the Foundation purchasing them. They were recommending the purchase of an inflatable frog hand and wiggle bridge for the pool. They were both flat inflatables and were available through Recreonics. The hand was 11’-5” in length and 12’-1” in width for a cost of $2,445. The wiggle bridge was available with three, six or twelve stepping pods. The system with six pods was 32’-8” in length and 4’-9” in width for a cost of $5,145. Staff felt the flat inflatables would be easier to guard and also that they would provide good play value and recreation to the pool with the absence of the waterslide. Mrs. Hight stated funding was available from Evening on the River proceeds if members were interested in purchasing the equipment. Discussion followed on the life expectancy and the selection data used. Scott Albertson stated he felt Vectren would support purchasing the 12 piece bridge inflatable. Jim Michels moved to purchase the frog hand at a cost of $2,445 and the 12 piece wiggle bridge at a cost of $7,995 with shipping costs of $600 for a total purchase of $11,040. Jim Keck seconded.
Motion carried.
Jim Michels moved to adjourn. Scott Albertson seconded.
Motion carried.